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La Vie à Vendôme Ritual

Imperial Amber Fragrance

MySpa offers a line of majestic Haute-Couture skin care with strong anti-aging properties for timeless youth.
Its Imperial Amber delicate fragrance immerses the senses in luxurious beauty à la Française.

Celestial Meteorite Powder Cream

Daily anti-aging skincare, lightweight texture

The anti-aging jewel that enriches the galaxy of MySpa skincare.
To sustainably revitalize and soften mature skin in need of more radiance, the CELESTIAL METEORITE POWDER CREAM soothes the skin while infusing it with new light.
This stellar cream reveals a visibly more even, opalescent and luminous complexion, restoring the perfection of the skin. The skin is brighter, vibrant, visibly transformed. It instantly beautifies the skin with its lightweight, airy, milky texture and its delicate powdered rose color.

Experience a delightful new sensation: see, touch and feel the difference…

Velvet Milk Obsession

This cleansing milk with its smooth,velvety texture and its Green Tea gently cleanses.

Skin Wish List: remove makeup and cleanse comfortably.

Sensual Sandalwood Amber Water-in-Mist

Sensual Sandalwood Amber Water-in-Mist

A lotion with an intensely addictive fragrance that wraps the body and mind in a voluptuous cocoon. The skin is stimulated and energized. A vibrant tribute to sensory pleasure, elegance and efficacy. The perfect start and end to the day.

Magnetic Attraction

MySpa has created a revolutionary formula with original natural active ingredients which include magnetic particles.

This innovative technique adds a touch of magic to the ritual of exfoliating. The magnetic particles fly off your skin thanks to the MySpa magnet.
This avant-garde Sublime Radiance Scrub simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates and smooths the skin. Immediately effective, skin is transformed and radiant.
Skin Wish List : vibrant, radiant skin.

Excellence Caviar

An essential MySpa anti-aging product, the Youth Serum comes in a beautiful champagne color embellished with black micro-beads.

Enriched with luxurious active ingredients, it is a total anti-aging serum with immediate skin tightening effects.
Caviar extracts and Hyaluronic Acid smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, while lifting the skin.
Skin Wish List: immediate lifting effect.

Absolute Perfection Caviar

This timeless Cream is enriched with luxurious active ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid and White Lily to diminish expression lines and firm facial skin to preserve its timeless youth.

No-Wrinkles Cream tested and approved by women.
Skin Wish List: No Age!

Expertise Hyaluro-Caviar

This Refirming Youth Serum-Mask is applied like a face-mask though has all the richness of a serum.

After removing any excess cream, the skin immediately appears relifted, thanks to Caviar extracts and Hyaluronic Acid.
Skin Wish List: firm lifting effect.

Hot & French Cereals

This Intense Nutrition Mask is filled with active ingredients as the Oat, cereal grains which lift mature skin.

Enjoy a unique sensory experience with this heated mask, with its subtle fragrance of warm crusty bread that will rejuvenate and firm the skin.
A well-known French tradition revisited in a glamorous cosmetic version.
Skin Wish List: naturally denser skin.
Professional use only.