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La Vie à Vendôme Ritual

Imperial Amber Fragrance

A complete treatment to restore youth and vitality.
Drawing inspiration from the French ideal of beauty, this skin treatment for mature skin is both luxurious and voluptuous. An intense, deep treatment that reveals your splendor.
The skin is enchanted by the exquisite and elegant textures, the unique, graceful fragrance, the delicate and magical colors, and its luxurious active ingredients, including Caviar.
All types of mature skin.

Celestial Meteorite Powder Cream

Daily anti-aging skincare, lightweight texture

To sustainably revitalize and soften mature skin in need of more radiance, the CELESTIAL METEORITE POWDER CREAM soothes the skin while infusing it with new light.
This stellar cream reveals a visibly more even, opalescent and luminous complexion, restoring the perfection of the skin. The skin is brighter, vibrant, visibly transformed. It instantly beautifies the skin with its lightweight, airy, milky texture and its delicate powdered rose color.
A treatment against the first lines with a lightweight texture.

Velvet Milk Obsession

Cleansing Milk

Cleansing milk with a smooth, silky texture. It gently removes any type of makeup, even the most resistant.
A specific pre-treatment product for the eyes, lips and face.
The delicate amber fragrance makes this time very enjoyable.
For all types of mature skin.

Sensual Sandalwood Amber Water-in-Mist

Sensual Sandalwood Amber Water-in-Mist

A lotion with an intensely addictive fragrance that wraps the body and mind in a voluptuous cocoon. The skin is stimulated and energized. A vibrant tribute to sensory pleasure, elegance and efficacy. The perfect start and end to the day.
Designed for all skin types and all ages to suit your tastes.

Magnetic Attraction

Mechanical & Enzyme Scrub

A unique pre-treatment that makes a strong impression and beautifies the skin. The power of original natural active ingredients like magnetic particles. A formula that uses both mechanical and enzyme exfoliation. The skin is re-enchanted by complementary active ingredients that beautify it, revealing the beauty of all customers, both men and women.
This product’s originality transpires through its unique active ingredients and modern texture.
The gel transforms into oil under the warmth of your fingertips, then into milky water as you rinse it.
For all types of mature skin.

Excellence Caviar

Anti-aging serum

The quintessential anti-aging serum, a booster that treats all three types of lines and wrinkles: dehydration lines, expression lines and deep lines.
An overall treatment that instantly provides a skin lift, nourishing it with hyaluronic acid and caviar.
The ideal solution for mature skin.
For all mature skin types that need fast results.

Absolute Perfection Caviar

Overall anti-aging cream

An overall anti-aging product that meets all of the needs of mature skin. A timeless beautifying cream. It smooths lines, providing a beautiful skin texture, and any spots are blurred.
The skin is visibly magnified.
For all mature skin types that need fast results.

Expertise Hyaluro-Caviar

Redensifying mask serum

This unique treatment provides highly-concentrated active ingredients like serums, coupled with the rapid results of a mask.
Reveals brand-new, toned, firmer skin. Time loses its effect on the skin.
For all mature skin types that need fast results.