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The Cleopatra Ritual [ New Generation ]

The quintessential oxygenating treatment.

Revealing the skin’s radiance while delighting in the wonderfully addictive plump berries. A true breath of fresh air for the skin, gently revitalizing it. The complexion appears fresh and radiant, the skin glows with renewed beauty.
All types of devitalized skin.

Fresh [ Pink So Chic ]

Peeling Lotion

A micro-peeling product for daily use, to awaken the skin and rid it of any impurities. Freshens the skin, which is brighter, with a finer texture, and the complexion is glossy.
For all skin types with imperfections, except for sensitive skin.

Delicious Exotic Water-in-Mist

Multi-use lotion

A toning lotion with exotic accords that diffuse over the skin. Its precious active ingredients produce an instant feeling of well-being. The skin is radiant, bright and clear.
The ideal solution for skin needing to be cheered up and brightened.
Designed for all skin types and all ages to suit your tastes.

Intense [ Pink So Chic ]

Sebum-regulating serum

A serum with many different characteristics. It purifies and cleanses mixed-to-oily skin while maintaining optimal hydration levels. The skin is rid of any imperfections but remains filled with water, revealing a bright, plumped complexion.
For all skin with imperfections looking for beauty and hydration.

My Peeling [ So Chic ]

Cleansing Smoothing Cream

A delicious cleansing, exfoliating cream that removes dead skin cells every day.
The skin is perfectly cleansed and all traces of makeup are removed, whether the product is used in the shower or on a cotton pad. The generous red berries fragrance awakens the skin and puts a smile on your face all day long.
For all types of skin with imperfections.