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Sources & Lagoons of Polynesia Ritual

Tiare Flower of the Islands Fragrance

MySpa dedicates a product line for urban skin, for those wishing to restore its original radiance and vitality.
This cascade of spring water detoxifies and oxygenates the skin, giving it a strong boost.
Its Tiare Flower of the Island fragrance and lagoon blue colors intoxicate the senses.
This product line provides a burst of freshness for your facial skin, restoring its luminosity.

Blue Lagoon Bubble-Gel

This turquoise Cleansing Gel refreshes the skin.

Containing active ingredients from Mango and Papaya, it gently exfoliates the skin.
The skin is left free of makeup residue, cleansed and purified. Its luminous radiance and freshness is restored.
Skin Wish List: cleanse, remove makeup, purify.


Addictive Monoi Water-in Mist

Addictive Monoi Water-in Mist

A fresh and refreshing lotion with Monoi aromas, which stimulates the skin instantly. The face is thoroughly infused with water to regain its bounce and tone. A genuine bath of hydration for the skin which regains its original beauty.


Pearls from the Lagoon

This Oxygenating Serum contains pearly micro-beads filled with an active anti-pollution ingredient and light-reflecting particles to boost your skin’s radiance.

Its fresh effect coupled with the benefits of Whu-zuh-yu contribute towards improving the skin’s micro-circulation.
Once oxygenated and detoxified, the skin can breathe easily again . The complexion is radiant and full of vitality.
Skin Wish List: boosting and revealing radiance.

Light-of-theSource Cream

This Oxygenating Gel-Cream is a true beauty ally.

Its innovative blue lagoon texture transforms your skin, bringing together the freshness of a gel with the convenience of a cream.
This cream offers daily protection to your skin thanks to its rich antioxidant formula. Monoi flower from Tahiti and Whu-zuh-yu oxygenate the skin and boost its radiance.
The skin becomes firm and receives vital hydration. Regenerated and re-oxygenated, your skin becomes soft and beautifully radiant.
Skin Wish List : oxygenated skin – adapted to urban skin.

Lagoon Sorbet

The Oxygenating Exfoliation Mask is filled with active ingredients from Cane Sugar fruit acids for a gentle enzyme exfoliation.

It melts into the skin while massaging and transforms into an oil for a Detox boosting effect.
It gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and velvety.
Skin Wish List : oxygenated skin and immediate brightness.