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Sources & Lagoons of Polynesia Ritual

Delightfully immerse yourself in a lagoon of intense hydration.

Embark on an enchanting journey through the most beautiful Pacific islands to reveal your original beauty. The perfect alliance of sensoriality and efficacy, this treatment includes both a texture packed with shimmering colors, and high-performance active ingredients that flood the skin with well-being and a feeling of complete hydration.
All types of dehydrated skin.

Blue Lagoon Bubble-Gel

Cleansing Gel

With this gel, the makeup removal and cleansing process becomes a moment of pleasure and escape.
An exclusive formula that gently cleanses, removes makeup and provides gentle exfoliation.
This innovative pre-treatment has a brand-new texture brimming with sensual bubbles.
The skin is left free of makeup residue, cleansed and purified. Its brightness is restored in a single step.


Addictive Monoi Water-in Mist

A fresh and refreshing lotion with Monoï aromas, which stimulates the skin instantly. The face is thoroughly infused with water to regain its bounce and tone. A genuine bath of hydration for the skin which regains its original beauty.
Designed for all skin types and all ages to suit your tastes.
Pearls from the Lagoon

Oxygenating Serum, combats pollution

A concentrate of beauty to lighten, beautify and intensely moisturize the skin. Infused with turquoise pearls filled with pollution combating active ingredients, this aqua-gel revitalizes the skin and reveals its natural brightness. Day after day, the skin’s radiance is boosted, restored and the skin is detoxified.
It reveals new skin.
For all types of dehydrated skin and people looking for radiance

Light-of-theSource Cream

Oxygenating Cream-Gel

Concentrated moisturizing action in a cream with many virtues.
This product has an innovative texture and restores moisture to the skin to reveal its natural beauty.
Its unique texture is surprisingly fresh and provides a feeling of intense hydration. The skin is soft and plumped.
For all types of dehydrated skin and people looking for radiance and intense moisture.

Lagoon Sorbet

Oxygenating Mask

A mask to revive your radiance!
This treatment revives your complexion and natural skin color like magic.
This precious exfoliating gel is applied as a mask, and it smooths out the skin’s surfaces and restores its radiance.
A natural healthy, radiant and beautiful complexion.
When you have some time, pamper yourself and relax by massaging the treatment into your skin for a few minutes.
It provides all of the benefits of a grain-free scrub with the fast results of a mask.