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Secrets of Japan Ritual

White Lotus Fragrance

Protective care for fragile and sensitive skin.
Extra-soft treatments to soothe, calm and relax vulnerable skin.
The skin feels comfortable, its health, harmony and serenity is restored.
All sensitive skin types.

Relaxing Green Tea Water-in-Mist

Multi-use lotion
A refreshing, comforting lotion with the subtle scent of green tea. The skin is soothed and replenished. A perfect equation between balance and well-being. Precious care that is ideal for the face, body and mind.
Serenity Secrets

Cream & Meditative Massage
2-In-1, completely new formula.
A delicate, fine and pure white massage cream with a warm coconut fragrance that takes on a creamy massage oil texture under your fingertips.
This treatment includes incredibly nourishing, repairing and soothing active ingredients at the heart of its lightweight texture.
A comforting treatment to pamper skin that needs relaxation and serenity. It will extinguish any skin crises, tame any skin.
A must-have for sensitive skin.
The skin is protected and soothed, ready to face any aggressions of daily life.
For fragile skin looking for comfort and well-being.
Sparkling Eyes

Boosting Gel for the Eye Contour
A powerful formula targeting puffiness, dark under-eye circles and signs of fatigue underneath the eyes. Filled with hydrating, refreshing and soothing ingredients, this gel instantly revitalizes the delicate area surrounding the eyes. It helps reinforce the skin barrier and diminishes small wrinkles while providing overall protection.
The combination of a rehydrating treatment and a makeup primer.
The skin remains soft, smooth and supple. The eyes look brighter and fresher, any dark circles and puffiness are extinguished.
Its super-smoothing and super-hydrating texture instantly provides a feeling of comfort.
Well-rested and lively, your eyes will be brighter than ever.
For the skin around tired, stressed eyes.