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Myspa [Face]

« A Respect for Ancestral Traditions within a Spirit of Creativity and Innovation »

A Cosmetic Era where Effectiveness means Sensory Awareness

The products have been designed to meet the skin’s basic needs, while also delighting the senses with divine fragrances and textures.

Sensory discovery is at the heart of the face product line. A color, a fragrance, a divine texture, an ancestral recipe, a surprising creation etc.
Like Art, each product has its own identity resulting from the subtle alliance of visual, olfactory, and tactile stimuli, and effectiveness, perfectly thought out for perfect coherence of the senses.

Myspa [Face], a Product Line with Personality

Myspa’s challenge is to reinterpret the codes of cosmetology to innovate while conserving the natural aspect of the products and playing on the transformation of textures. Every detail has been carefully thought out in this large product line. A gel is not really a gel anymore, as it turns into an oil and then a milk during the beauty ritual. At each stage of its transformation, it reveals new benefits for the skin.

The alchemy of “Innovation – Sensory Awareness- Pleasure – Respect” is at the heart of the creation process for high-quality cosmetics [New Generation].

Myspa Introduces its Product Lines for the Face that Meet all of the Skin’s Needs

Sources & Lagoons of Polynesia Ritual

Tiare Flower of the Islands Fragrance

To reveal the radiance of urban skin or as a Detox treatment

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The Cleopatra Ritual [ New Generation ]

Red Berries Fragrance

To purify, mattify and refine young and temperamental skin.

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La Vie à Vendôme Ritual

Imperial Amber Fragrance

To transform any skin type, preserving its timeless youth.

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Secrets of Japan Ritual

White Lotus Fragrance

To gently soothe and repair sensitive skin.

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