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Myspa [ Body ]

« A Respect for Ancestral Traditions within a Spirit of Creativity and Innovation »

Escape beyond Cosmetics. Myspa products emerged from a delicate balance between olfactory discoveries, natural ingredients, original textures, incomparable quality and physical well-being.
Each product matches a fragrance that inspires both body care product lines: Travel or Exclusive Worlds.

Body Care for All

Myspa offers a body care product line composed entirely of expert products suitable for everyone, women, men, of any origin and at any age.
Myspa products are available in a veritable Fragrance Bar for every nose.
Select yours depending on your current desires: sweet, gourmet or exotic, floral, spicy oriental, amber, green or fresh fern, citrus, woody chypre etc.

Each fragrance has been created for a unique sensory voyage of unforgettable discovery.
Each carefully designed texture is exclusive to Myspa.
Each ingredient has been selected for its unparalleled benefits: toning, soothing, draining, relaxing or stimulating.

Refreshing Escape to Marquises Islands

Luxury Escape to Dubai

Sandalwood Amber

Exotic Escape to Madagascar


Spicy Escape to Latin America

Yellow Mandarin

Secret Scandinavian Escape

Green Leaves


Passion Fruit

Escape to Reunion Island


Eternal Escape to Maldives


Fullness Escape in Provence

Honey Calisson